Online Arrangements

Thank you for selecting Just Cremation. Before you begin you must contact Just Cremation at (604) 856-2346 and we will issue you a file number required to begin the arrangement process.

If you prefer an arrangement in the convenience of your own home, please call our Licensed Funeral Directors 24-hours per day, at (604) 856-2346. We can meet with you and your family anywhere in the Lower Mainland.

Now that you have your file number, you can proceed to download and fill out the 5 forms needed to complete the Final Arrangements. The first document you should read is the INSTRUCTIONS. You can print or save the PDF document and refer to it as you complete the forms on your computer. Download the INSTRUCTION document here. In this file you will find the information necessary to complete all 5 forms.

After reviewing the instructions complete all 5 forms, then sign and or initial where required. Please feel free to call us if you have questions or require clarification on any of the forms. Return all the forms to us via fax at (604) 857-5746.

*Important* The following forms must be completed by the person who has the Right of Disposition. You must include a photocopy of photo identification with your forms.

After downloading, save a copy to your computer to fill out. Print and return all the forms to us via fax at (604) 857-5746 or scan and email to Once we have received them, one of our Licensed Funeral Directors will contact you by phone or at the start of the next business day.